Dozen Organic Fed Free Range Eggs


Our Dozen Eggs are from our small family farm on the darling downs. The hens that are moved around regularly on fresh pasture and have a hen to hectare ratio of 750/hens per hectare!
They have plenty of space to roam and be free to be chickens!
Fed the best quality organic feed, these hens are happy hens!
Choose ethically farmed, choose pastured, choose organically fed and taste the difference! 


We have four sizes:

  • Large is a minimum of 600gms
  • X-Large is a minimum of 700gms
  • Jumbo is a minimum of 800gms
  • King Size is a minimum of 850gms

Need a larger quantity? Why not check our trays that hold 30 eggs?

Weight N/A
Weight for a dozen

Large – 600gms, X-Large – 700gms, Jumbo – 800gms, King – 850gms

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